Are you a school for At-Risk boys or boys with behavioral issues?

No. The Renaissance Academy Prep School for Boys accepts any young man that wishes to receive a college preparatory education, or workforce development and career preparation education. While we do not accept students with prior behavior issues, we will prayerfully consider each application and interview those selected applicants. In rare cases, minor offenders may be accepted to our program.

Will my son be tested prior to being admitted?

Yes. All accepted applicants must take a pre-admission diagnostic test. This test is not a pass/fail exam; rather, it provides for us a glimpse of the level of proficiency of each student.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes. The Renaissance Academy Prep School for Boys does offer scholarship opportunities for certain students. Tuition assistance is also available for certain families who qualify.

What is the student to teacher ratio?

The Renaissance Academy will only allow a maximum of 15 achievers per class. Each class has 1 highly qualified educator. So that provides a 15:1 student to teacher ratio.

My son did not perform well last school year, and he is no longer excited or interested in learning. How can you accommodate this?

Our instruction is not traditional. We utilize various 21st-century teaching methods and pedagogy to provide differentiated instruction in a differentiated classroom for differentiated learning. We require each instructor to incorporate the 3 R’s of learning – Relationship, Relevance, and Rigor. We realize that each achiever learns and comprehends instruction differently. For this reason, our instructors, Headmaster, Counselor, and Curriculum Coordinator work collaboratively to develop for every student who enrolls, an Achiever Learning Plan, or ALP. This plan is specifically and strategically designed for the purpose of creating lessons that are conducive to the learning style of each achiever. This provides for the instructor, a means of producing intensive intervention and instruction.


Our instruction also follows the Learning by Design, Backwards Planning, Project Based Learning, and Reciprocal Teaching curriculum’s. This allows for a more hands on learning approach that makes each achiever accountable and responsible for their own learning. We believe that mastery of skills is more achievable when lessons are interactive, and when the achievers are able to take their learning into their own hands. We require every classroom and lesson to be student centered. With these mediums in place, we can guarantee your son’s academic success.

Does your school have athletics?

Yes. We have football, basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, track and field, archery, bass fishing, and golf.

How do you conduct an overall assessment teaching and learning?

Our achievers are assessed through Iowa Standardized Testing three times a year. The testing is twice in the Fall and once in the Spring, allowing us to measure the growth of our achievers, as well as assess the effectiveness of teacher instruction. In addition, teacher evaluations are done monthly through classroom walkthroughs (making sure the classrooms are student centered with anchor charts, seating diagrams, visible learning goals, and objectives, etc…), interviews, and instruction/assessment reviews.