Dress Code

All students (Grade 5-12) should dress and conduct themselves in a Christian manner. The following guidelines must be followed in order to comply with The Renaissance Academy Prep School for Boys dress code.


  1. All students are required to purchase and dress in uniforms created exclusively by Dennis Uniforms.
  2. All clothing, including t-shirts, must be appropriately sized. No tight fitting clothing or extremely baggy clothing will be allowed. Undergarments should NEVER be visible.
  3. Students are to be in uniform at all times. Students shall not wear garments or jewelry with obscene or offensive language or graphics, or that are sexually explicit or suggestive, or that promote drugs, alcohol tobacco, or cults.
  4. Students shall NOT wear the following:
    1. Hats, caps, and other headgear on campus during school hours
    2. Lounging or pajama pants or shorts.
  5. No visible tattoos.
  6. No body/cartilage piercing or gages.
  7. No nylon, spandex, or work-out type pants, shorts, or mesh P.E. clothing.
  8. See-through clothing and/or clothing with holes is not allowed.
  9. Proper underclothing should be worn, but it should not be visible.
  10. Hair should be natural color, and the length of the male’s hair must not touch the shoulders, nor fall below the shoulders.
  11. Boys must be clean-shaven at all times.
  12. No extreme hairstyles or coloring (i.e. Gothic, Mohawk, or punk styles, etc.)
  13. No tank tops or muscle shirts are allowed.
  14. P.E. clothing must consist of blue t-shirt and blue gym shorts purchased through the school approved website.
  15. P.E. clothing should only be worn in the gym and not in the school or cafeteria buildings.
  16. All athletes must wear AD and Coach approved clothing for practice (including after school practices).
  17. Sweat pants must have pockets.


Student Apparel Rule of Thumb: If you have to stop, think and decide if an item is appropriate for school, don’t wear it!

Students will not be allowed to attend class until the dress code violation has been corrected. Students will be responsible for making up and completing any instructions and assignments missed during the time class was not attended.

Repetitive dress code violations will result in suspension.