All the sports TRA Prep currently participates in are listed below, separated by the season. Each name links to a page for that specific sport.


Fall Sports

Cross Country

Winter Sports

Bass Fishing
Basketball (Varsity)
Basketball (Jr Varsity)

Spring Sports

Track & Field


Renaissance Academy eligibility policy

To be eligible for extracurricular activities, a student must pass <strong>ALL </strong>classes and maintain an overall 3.0 average in all subjects including PE and art, an overall B+ average in core courses, and meet the requirements of the NACA. Failure to maintain these requirements will result in probation for the next grading period. At the end of the probationary period, any student not meeting the requirements will be declared ineligible for the following grading period. Eligibility will be restored for succeeding grading periods once academic standards have been met. Grading periods will be considered as the first and second nine weeks grades and the semester average for each semester. A student who becomes ineligible for athletics in the fall due to below standard grades for the second nine weeks of the second semester and the second semester average, may elect to attend an approved online program and have the appropriate semester grade replaced by the approved online grade according to the usual academic policies. If the student’s resulting second semester average in core subjects is 70 or above, athletic eligibility for the following fall may be restored.

NACA Eligibility Guidelines

All athletes who participate in NACA tournaments must be enrolled in your program and eligible. With the exception of our Elite Basketball Division, any athlete who reaches his/her 19th birthday before July 1 of the school year in which he/she is enrolled is not eligible to compete at the NACA. Teams may not pick up players at the end of the season to participate in our national tournament. Each player competing on your team must have been on your season roster. Call us in advance of the NACA Tournament if you have any questions. For more info on the NACA visit their website