Application Form

  • 2018 - 2019

    Application for Admission

    New Student
    The following items are required before your child will be considered for admission to The Renaissance Academy Prep School for Boys.
    • Non-Refundable Application – Admission Fee
    • Official Transcripts from previous school(s)
    • ACT Aspire scores or other achievement test scores
    • Last report card received
    • Immunization Record - Expired form will NOT be accepted
    • Copy of Social Security Card
    • Copy of Birth Certificate
    • Previous school system Behavior Record or Letter of Recommendation from Teacher or Administrator. An Administrator interview will be scheduled with the parents and child as part of the admission process. All students must receive a negative Drug test administered by TRAPSFB.
  • Check the OTC Medications that your child may be given during school: Please indicate dosage to be given for each OTC medication, if no dosages are indicated, dosage will be given according to directions on the medication label. Please give dosages for each medication or dosages will be given according to medication label.
  • ALL OTHER MEDICATIONS If a student needs to take prescribed medication for a short time period (2-3 days) a student must have a signed note from the parent stating the dosage and time of each dosage for the child. A dosage cup or spoon should accompany liquid medicine.

    ****** We will not give medication for a fever. Any student who has a fever (99 or above) or is throwing up must leave the school. The parent or guardian will be called immediately and should pick up his or her child as quickly as possible.

    List names of others to contact in case of emergency.
  • A $50 application fee must be paid with the application. Pay via Credit / Debit Card below

  • Price: $50.00
  • American Express